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Keyboard and Mouse

Graphics, Posters, and Logos 

Hi! This page displays a brief overview into some of my creative works.

EndSlaveryLogo (1)_edited.jpg


Logo Creation

I created this logo using Illustrator. I drew the 'Dove' using curves with the pen too. I later re-shaped the stroke of the pen to make the line thin or thick in different areas. I used the arc type tool to create a symmetrical, circular title for the brand name.



End Slavery Georgia is a non-profit fighting against sex-trafficking. Using Adobe Illustrator I created a volunteer recruitment advertisement for End Slavery Georgia. I used the logo I created as well as an image of previous volunteers to display on the advertisement.

ESGA Poster.png


Poster Infographic

This poster explained the definition of human trafficking and listed multiple relevant statistics. I also used Adobe InDesign to create this project. I used different icons and bold numbers to stand out and draw attention to each important fact.


Style Guide

I made the style guide for End Slavery Georgia. This guide represents all the fonts and colors that will be used in all marketing projects and on their website.

End Slavery Style Guide.png
Business Card (1)-02.png


Business Cards

I created my own business card using a photograph I took in Asheville, NC. I added my phone, email, and website for contact information. I used Adobe Illustrator and align my logo in the bottom right hand corner. I used the alignment palette in Illustrator to center the title of my name and subtitle.

Business Card (1)-01.png
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