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Assistant Photographer

Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type


About the Role

As an Assistant Photographer, you will work alongside our Senior Photographer onsite to help take photos or assist in taking photos.

This job will include:
- Taking important client photos
- Directing poses and framing
- Scouting locations
- Adjusting lighting
- OPTIONAL Editing in Lightroom

DISCLAIMER: You will not need to edit photos.

This experience will teach beginner and skilled photographers how to better work in the professional photography industry. One of the main goals from working with us is learning the behind the scenes efforts to make a portrait or wedding event run smoothly. If you want to edit your own photos, please do so! Any photos you take during our photography events can be used in your personal portfolio. We will go over your photos and potentially use some that will be sent to our Chief Editor. They will make the finalize galleries for our clients.

There is ZERO pressure to be an expert....yet. You will be an expert after joining us on dozens of photography sessions. This is a place to make mistakes and learn. Do not hesitate to ask questions ever.

Also, this is a freelance job, so it is based on when clients book us. Year round most of our business is during the late Spring, Summer, and Fall. During the summer, we often have 2 weddings per weekend. A list will be provided with all dates of bookings and how many hours you are needed to work that day. You will receive at least $35 per hour. If you cannot make the date and time of the event, do not worry! We have other assistant photographers to cover. Work when YOU can. Once you are registered with us, signup for the events you want to work! Have fun!


  • At least 1 year of experience in photography.

  • No advanced photo editing skills required.

  • Portfolio of work. Experience working in portrait, family, and weddings preferred.

  • Understanding of photography lightning techniques

  • Required to bring your own camera, batteries, SD cards, etc.

  • A passion for learning and developing professional, hands on experience.

About the Company

Hi! Ruble Visuals is a photography and videography company working to support the content needs of our customers. We are experts at establishing any persons online presence or story. We cater towards making each gallery and video unique to its client. We promise to deliver exceptional photos and videos. We need your help, and we want to give you tips to building your photography skills.

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